WING CHUN Kung Fu Thought Method

WING CHUN Kung Fu Thought Method

WING CHUN Kung Fu Thought MethodWING CHUN Kung Fu Thought MethodWING CHUN Kung Fu Thought Method

WING CHUN Kung Fu Thought Method

WING CHUN Kung Fu Thought Method

WING CHUN Kung Fu Thought MethodWING CHUN Kung Fu Thought MethodWING CHUN Kung Fu Thought Method

Welcome To Wing Chun -thought method.

Self - Defence 

by way of 

Self - Cultivation

Constantly Striving..... not to Strive


QUOTE: "Now I will give a brief description of the philosophy of Wing Chun. 

Wing Chun always emphasizes on not using any muscular force, but to conjugate with the Mind and work it out as the source of Power."..... Grandmaster Chu Shong Tin,   Wing Chun Kuen .

Practicing Wing Chun – Thought Method provides for a multitude of benefits both physically and mentally. Fascinated by the principals and concepts pertaining to self-defence and Wowed by the one inch punch (a demonstration of close range power) I first began my Wing Chun journey back in 1996. Over the years of training I discovered there is so much more to the art than I first imagined.

Typically classes evolve around generating and overcoming force without resorting to use of sheer brute strength. Rather than being methodical –(i.e. learning a series of various techniques which are applied to various self-defence scenarios or.......... drill training) , we practice exercises and movements to teach the MIND and BODY to generate, react to and interact with force instinctively and naturally as it then becomes embedded and never forgotten – like riding a bike or driving a car. You just do it automatically, instinctively and naturally. 

No pre conceived method. 

This actively develops in training - The using, exercising, practicing this part of the mind. It’s an integral part of the training and allows the practitioner the ability to remain HIGHLY ADAPTABLE - As is the nature of the training itself. It adapts to you, your body type, your training goals.

It also leads to a path of self-learning, Self-Cultivation.

Because the origin of every movement is first derived from Thought. (Idea)

So lets enhance that. Literally. 

Hence the term Thought Method.

It then best describes what we practice - aim to enhance and the nature of

Chu Shong Tin Lineage Wing Chun.

Produced in the training of  Wing Chun  is the Art of mastering oneself, rather than of your opponent, OR of your environment, or even perhaps of the world in which we live.

In Wing Chun the vessel for this is in the forms, exercises and particularly Chi Sao  - or the “Kung Fu” aspect. However…… only the vessel for it.

Now think of the applications of this as a philosophy approach to Self-Defence ! 

Being the ultimate adaptable…. As in all confronting, violent, crazy Self Defence scenarios - we can never, no matter how long and hard we train, predict and cover all of the variables that arise in these situations. Being highly adaptable is the key. 

Wing Chun was developed as a means of close range combat designed to overcome a stronger opponent without relying on sheer brute strength or athleticism.  As earlier mentioned, the training far exceeded my imagination delivering so much more:

-Learning about your mind / body coordination,  functions and really enhancing that connection

-Exercising the automated / involuntary/ instinctive part of your mind

-A state of relaxation and calm

-Body structure alignment and flow

-Balance and center awareness

-Enhanced natural reflex action

-Speed, Power, Balance, Mobility, Determination, Focus

Offering a free trial lesson - I welcome you to come and begin YOUR OWN Wing Chun Journey.

Private Lessons Available anywhere on the Gold Coast or

Classes run every Tuesday and Thursday evenings 6pm to 8pm @ Studio 2, 

Bodywork Evolution 14/58 Railway St, Mudgeeraba. 4213

Hope to see you there...... Steve

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